of experience

Decades of experience developing solutions based on the manufacture of agar, peptones, and agarose.


The manufacturer with the greatest understanding of marine hydrocolloids in the market, with more than half a century of experience developing high quality products.


The company operates following the strategic mission: Specialization and innovation in life and food sciences.


Exhaustive and strict control of the entire supply chain, from source to market, to ensure a supply of optimum quality.


Established leader in all key market segments.


Hispanagar has developed all kinds of high quality innovative products in the food, microbiology and molecular biology fields, driven by specialization, extensive knowledge on hydrocolloids, careful selection and treatment of algae, and efficient and controlled production processes.



An extensive range of agars designed to meet the technical needs of various fields, such as food, microbiological culture media, tissue culture, pharmaceutical or cosmetics formulations, among others.



An array of peptones, extracts, and infusions derived from protein sources used as nutrients in vaccine development and microbiological and tissue culture media, among other applications.



A natural polysaccharide that forms an inert matrix used for biomolecule purification and protein separation, DNA and other macromolecules by electrophoresis.


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Agar is known for its ability to retain and attract moisture, resulting in deep skin hydration. This is beneficial for all skin types, especially those needing an extra hydration boost. Additionally, its firming properties help tone the skin, improving elasticity and firmness. This can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin looking more youthful.
Nos complace compartir que hemos recibido la calificación de sostenibilidad de ECOVADIS, una reconocida organización puntuó en el año 2023 nuestras prácticas en materia de sostenibilidad.  Estamos muy orgullosos de haber mantenido la medalla Silver conseguida en 2022 y superar nuestra evaluación al alcanzar el percentil 87%, lo que significa que hemos logrado una calificación igual o superior al 87% de las empresas evaluadas. 

From May 29th to 31st, the Hispanagar team had the privilege of participating in person in the M18 meeting of the CIRCALGAE project. It was an incredible opportunity to share significant advances in the project and strengthen our collaborations.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Alginor for the kindness and professionalism with which they organized the whole event, their hospitality made this meeting an unforgettable experience!

international presence

Sales and distribution in more than one hundred and thirty countries.