Agar and doughnuts: get a healthier and more natural "Icing stabilizer"

Tue, 15/06/2021 - 06:38

One of the main characteristics of doughnuts is the icing that covers their surface. It is made of fruit or dyes, depending on the color or flavor, and sugar, which provides the typical consistency that everyone knows.  
There are hundreds of icings in dozens of colors and thousands of shapes. Icings may be marketed with Christmas motifs or may be personalized, two-colored, three-colored... To develop this creativity, sugar is not enough as it requires a stabilizer such as agar to add toppings and maintaining the appearance in the long term. In addition, the stabilizer helps preserve the moisture level and keeps the icing adhered without cracking.  
In the case of packaged doughnuts, in addition to the above features, agar prevents the icing from melting due to heat and sticking to the wrapping, as it only melts when reaching a temperature of 80-90º.  
At Hispanagar, we have a wide variety of food agars that perform this stabilizing function in a healthier way than other ingredients. Our agars share excellent synergy with sugar and other hydrocolloids, allowing for unlimited creativity in icings.  
Hispanagar's commercial team will be happy to analyse your needs and offer you the most appropriate product for each particular case.