Agar contains more fiber than an apple

Wed, 24/06/2020 - 09:52

Agar is a rich source of fiber for our body but why is fiber so important in our daily diet?

As we all know, fiber balances our digestive system, but it is also beneficial for the heart, cholesterol levels, helps keep blood sugar levels stable and there are even studies that link it to psychological benefits.

Agar contains 94.80% natural soluble fiber, representing a higher amount than other foods of vegetable origin. High-fiber foods (bread, cookies, breakfast cereals, bran, etc.) contain 6% to 45% fiber.

Fiber content in dietary supplements, tablets and granules ranges from 20% to 80%. How about an apple? A medium-sized unpeeled apple contains 4 grams of fiber.

As shown, including agar in our daily diet can bring many benefits to our body, and an increasing number of people consider it a basic ingredient in their cooking. Agar can be used to make custards, jams, sauces, sweet and salty pies, creams... among many other applications. There are hundreds of recipes today that will help you include it in your daily diet.