Peptones: the most versatile bioingredient for cell growth.

Thu, 02/02/2023 - 08:37


Peptones are key bioingredients in many culture media used for cell growth and expressing proteins of interest. These polypeptides are obtained from the hydrolysis of proteins of plant or animal origin. They are the main source of nitrogen and essential nutrients for cell growth. 

Peptones can be used as an ingredient in a medium and even as the main ingredient in the cultivation of a multitude of microorganisms, both in traditional microbiology applications and in the most innovative processes in the area of fermentation and bioproduction. They ensure efficient growth and optimal performance in the production of biomolecules of interest. 

In addition, they have proven to be a fundamental component in the composition of cell culture media, obtaining great results for different cell lines such as CHO, HEK, and BHK2, and they are an effective alternative to media of animal origin. 

Hispanagar distributes peptones for traditional microbiology as well as for fermentations and cell culture. Within the latter categories, we offer consumers our Endolow line of peptones, characterized by their low level of endotoxins, which improves cell density and protein production in eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell cultures.  

Find out about all of our peptones and, if you need more information, our technical team will be pleased to help you.