New Halal and peptone catalog

Fri, 08/07/2022 - 06:33

Hispanagar expands its peptone catalog and adds new products to its wide portfolio in order to enhance the final capabilities of these peptones, thus covering a wider range of applications.  

Among the new categories that can be found are:   


  • Casein Peptone Type IV  

  • Proteose Peptone Nº5  

  • Soy Peptone Type III  

  • Bacteriological Peptone Type II  

  • Casein Peptone CH Halal   


Casein peptone type IV has been specially formulated to promote higher growth rates and is water soluble, but not soluble in alcohol and ether.  

By including Proteose Peptone No. 5 we offer a new ingredient in culture media, especially for non-fastidious organisms. In addition, it can be used for fermentation studies.  

Soy Peptone Type III has been designed for fermentation processes where clarity and transmittance are not essential.  

On the other hand, Bacteriological Peptone Type II has been made for use in culture media for diagnostic tests and bacteriological research. Its role in the industry is for the production of antibiotics, vaccines and other biological products.  

Finally, there is CH casein peptone, which is Halal certified because it is manufactured by hydrolysis processes using enzymes of non-animal origin.  It is recommended for use in fermentation processes as well as in the formulation of culture media for BioPharma applications such as vaccine production.