Are you familiar with the different types of food agar that exist?

Thu, 07/07/2022 - 15:23

As previously reported in our article 'How and when agar was discovered', agar has been a staple in the traditional diets of many Eastern populations for centuries.  

The wide variety of existing food agars provides an enormous range of possible formulations, from the preparation of confectionery and bakery sweets to canned meat products and fermented milks.  

For this reason, Hispanagar supplies its clients with a wide range of agars to offer the most appropriate product for the needs of each consumer.  


Some of the agars offered by Hispanagar are:  

  • Gold Agar: characterized by its low gelling point and high purity, it is ideal for solutions that need to remain liquid for a longer period of time, such as in pastry, confectionery and dairy products. It is available in flake format, which promotes the absence of dust and helps in better dosage.   

  • Agarite: extracted from selected algae of the Rhodophyceae class, this agar is perfect for use in pastry, confectionery, jams and cake toppings due to its perfect compatibility with sugar and its high gelling capacity.  

  • QSol® Agar: a fast-dissolving agar that dissolves completely at 80 degrees, making it unnecessary to bring it to a boil and making it more energy-efficient.  

  • QSol® Soft Agar: it is very easy to use thanks to its fast dissolution at 80 ºC and the fact that it does not require other gelling agents to obtain a soft gel. In addition, it combines excellently with sugar and other hydrocolloids.  

  • Ecoagar: it has the same properties as traditional agar, but bears the organic seal, as it is sustainably extracted in organic areas, which means that it has all the guarantees required by organic farming regulations