Agar, an strategic ingredient for making vegan cheese and yogurt

Thu, 13/01/2022 - 10:57
queso vengano

For the production of vegan cheeses, nuts, soy and vegetable oils have traditionally been used. The problem, as almost always in this type of food, is to recreate the final consistency of non-vegan products. For this reason, agar is ideal, it replaces rennet and allows a wide range of textures to be obtained from soft to hard. In addition, the use of agar will provide nutritional benefits to the recipe and its fusion with dried fruits is perfect. Agar is not only used in the production of homemade cheeses, but it is increasingly common to find industrially produced vegan cheeses on the market that contain agar among its ingredients.


There is an incredible selection of recipes for making vegan cheese, and many varieties can be replicated. It is possible to replicate 'hard' cheddar-style cheese, semi-soft cheese such as mozzarella, feta or brie; as well as spreadable cheese. Of course, we must not forget the large number of spreadable cheese recipes. QSol Soft agar is perfect for any kind of these types of recipes.


But consistency issues are not limited to vegan cheese recipes. Vegan yogurts tend to have a more liquid consistency than desirable, and agar is the perfect solution to this problem thanks to its gelling effect.