Agar-agar, the perfect ally for a plant-based diet.

Fri, 04/11/2022 - 11:03

We have previously described many of the properties of food grade agar-agar: its thickening and/or gelling properties, its contribution to the texture of foods or beverages... However, today we would like to mention its plant-based nature and the benefits that can be derived from it.

Agar-agar, which comes from algae, is a plant-based ingredient which, combined with its gelling properties when dissolved, makes it the perfect ingredient when it comes to consuming plant-based foods and reducing the consumption of ultra-processed foodstuffs.

By using agar-agar, anyone who wants to follow a plant-based diet, whether for health reasons, ecological awareness or because they are vegetarians/vegans, can enjoy a more varied but totally plant-based diet.

In addition, eating a plant-based diet has a positive impact on the health of the person following such a diet, as well as on the animals and the planet. Studies conducted so far comparing plant-based meats with their animal-based counterparts show that the environmental impact of the former is significantly lower in most of the environmental indicators examined, such as carbon footprint, water footprint or land use.

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