Agar-agar, a multipurpose ingredient in pâté production

Mon, 21/02/2022 - 10:38

A pâté is essentially a spreadable paste made from certain main ingredients (meat or vegetables) to which spices and liquid elements, such as liqueurs or wine, are added for flavor.  

There is currently a wide variety available on the market: pork, poultry, beef or game pâtés, or you can buy alternatives with a lower fat content, and therefore fewer calories, such as vegetable or tofu pâtés. 

Animal fat is usually added to give it the texture we all know. A firm and unctuous consistency is thus achieved, making a pâté different from a simple puree. This same texture and consistency can be achieved by replacing these ingredients with agar-agar, resulting in a healthier pâté and providing added fiber.  

In addition, a thin layer of gelatin is usually placed on top of the pâté once it has been prepared, protecting it and preventing the fat from going stale. This gelatin layer may also be easily replaced by a layer of gel made with agar-agar.  

There are more and more pâtés today in which the traditional binders have been replaced by agar-agar. But not only in industrial pâtés, there are also hundreds of recipes on the Internet for homemade pâté in which agar-agar is a key ingredient.  

Hispanagar has a variety of agars available to its clients, which are ideal for preparing pâtés due to their characteristics. Contact our sales team for further information.