We attended the first-anniversary meeting of the CIRCALGAE project.

Mon, 13/11/2023 - 10:03

In the past few weeks, the first-year project meeting took place in the city of Lille, in northern France. All project partners gathered to celebrate this milestone and assess the remarkable progress achieved. The initiative, which aims at the valorization of algae waste, brought together a diverse group of experts and enthusiasts.

The event spanned two days, featuring a packed agenda of activities. The first day was characterized by presentations on ongoing and upcoming project actions. Additionally, a visit to Etika Spirulina, an emerging company engaged in sustainable Spirulina cultivation, took place. Xavier, who leads this Spirulina farm, shared the story of the project and highlighted the numerous benefits of Spirulina. Visitors enjoyed a tour of the facilities and concluded the experience with a delightful tasting of products made on-site from Spirulina. This first day concluded with an official meeting dinner.

On the second day of the event, participants immersed themselves in a workshop dedicated to the collection and cultivation of macroalgae in Europe, organized by CEVA (Centre d'Etude et de Valorisation des Algues). This workshop was the first of four to be held throughout the CIRCALGAE project. Various experts intervened to provide a more accurate insight into the challenges of the algae sector, sparking enriching discussions.

The assessment of the first year of the CIRCALGAE project was a resounding success, bringing together experts and enthusiasts around the cause of valorizing algae waste and promising a bright future in the constantly evolving research and development of this field. The commitment and collaboration of project partners have paved the way for even greater achievements in the years to come.