We assisted Biofach 2023!

Fri, 03/03/2023 - 08:20

Every year Biofach brings together a network of companies dedicated to organic food to share ideas, inspirations and new techniques to bring organic products to the forefront of importance in the marketplace. 

Hispanagar has used the world's leading trade fair for organic food and agriculture to learn about new trends within this market niche and introduce Ecoagar, an eco-certified agar that has been manufactured while respecting natural resources.  


Biofach 2023


As mentioned on numerous occasions in our blog, agar is a product that has many beneficial properties for our organism (it provides a high percentage of fiber, creates a satiating effect, etc.) aside from it being a very versatile ingredient for the food industry since it does not alter the smell nor flavor in recipes.  

For this reason many of our customers use Ecoagar in their production processes of jams, candy, yogurts, jelly beans...among many others.

If you need more information, our technical team will be pleased to help you.