Hispanagar provides new algae samples to its collaborators of the CIRCALGAE project

Thu, 05/10/2023 - 13:35

Hispanagar technicians have selected a new series of samples to send to CIRCALGAE project researchers seeking to make the algae industry more efficient and sustainable. 

These samples from Hispanagar, a European leader in algae processing for the manufacture of agar and agarose, are of vital importance to the project 

The project aims to study various top-quality agarophyte algae from the coasts of Europe to assess their potential and possible application in the production of new high-value products. 

This project has the potential to substantially change the algae industry in Europe, particularly with regard to the use of by-products and waste from algae processing. It should be enough to say that algae biomass production measures around 36 million tonnes worldwide. This production generates huge amounts of solid waste, in some cases around 95%, as well as recoverable effluents.