Endolow® peptone catalog expanded with new wheat peptone

Thu, 09/06/2022 - 09:19

A few months ago, we introduced the new line of Endolow® peptones, a new generation of peptones developed to meet the needs of the BioPharma industry in its production processes of high value-added drugs, such as vaccines.   

Endolow® peptones have low levels of endotoxins without requiring ultrafiltration processes, maintaining growth factors which improve cell density and recombinant protein production in cell cultures and microbiological fermentation processes.  

Until now, the Endolow® peptone catalog included three products: meat, casein and soy. The catalog is now expanded with a new wheat protein peptone (animal free).  

EndoLow® Wheat Peptone is an animal-free hydrolysate based on wheat protein with a low endotoxin content. It is a nutrient source that meets the general requirements of cell cultures. It can be used as a source of proteins, and other essential compounds, in cell culture media and in applications such as tissue culture, vaccine and antibody production and in a wide range of bioprocesses.