Discover Biomax, a High-Quality Agarose at a quite Competitive Price

Thu, 24/09/2020 - 11:52

Out of Hispanagar's wide product range, we would like to highlight the BioMax agarose. It is the perfect agarose for routine <1000 bp DNA/RNA separations, as well as for PCR products, plasmid preparation, and detection, cloning, and transfer techniques. Besides, its gels are suitable for blotting techniques.

This agarose is easily diluted and quickly gelified, and its gels have excellent transparency and low fluorescence, providing clear visibility of the bands, which look sharp, defined, and well separated. Finally, it also has low DNA binding capacity to the gel structure.

But what is its competitive advantage? Hispanagar has always focused on process optimization. The extensive knowledge of algae, agar, and agarose has made it possible to develop a product with the same functionalities as its competitors, but at a more competitive price. Of course, this does not mean a drop in the quality of the agarose. On the contrary, it meets all the quality standards, complying with a strict QC.