Differences between gelatine and agar? Check our video!

Wed, 14/02/2024 - 18:41

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing relevant and valuable information about our products and their applications in the industry, we have prepared this video in which we tell you the main differences between food agar and gelatine and the numerous benefits of using agar in your industrial processes.

differences between agar and gelatine


One of the fundamental differences between gelatin and agar lies in their origin and composition. While gelatin is derived from animal collagen, agar is a plant-based gelling agent extracted from seaweed. This distinction makes it a relevant choice for culinary applications requiring vegetarian or vegan alternatives.

It is important to highlight that agar has six times gelling capacity than gelatin and can gel at room temperature, offering advantages in the preparation of desserts and foods that do not require refrigeration. Additionally, agar is more stable than gelatin at higher temperatures, making it suitable for use in various culinary applications.

Also, lower quantities are requiered for the production of this gels.

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