Differences between agar powder, strips and flakes  

Mon, 30/05/2022 - 09:29
agar tiras

Food grade agar can be found in different formats and, although the most common is agar powder, agar strips and flakes are also available on the market.   

Agar presented in powder and flakes contains a greater amount of fiber, since the agar is more concentrated. It is commonly found in kitchens, since no prior rehydration is required and it is easier to measure its dosage.  

One of the factors to consider, especially between powder and flakes, is the cooking time, since flakes need up to 10 minutes, while agar powder needs only about 2-4 minutes. In addition, it must be constantly stirred to prevent lumps, especially when it is in flaked presentation.     

As for agar strips, they are often used in salads (e.g., Chinese style), although they require soaking for half an hour before use.  

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