Benefits of QSOL and QSOL Soft agars in the dairy industry

Tue, 28/05/2024 - 11:48

Agar has become an innovative alternative in the dairy industry, increasingly used as a substitute for the traditional use of carrageenans. Unlike carrageenans, which require external agents to gel and can affect the taste, color, or odor of food, agar forms a physical gel through hydrogen bridges without the need for external additives. This characteristic allows agar to provide greater stability and shelf life to dairy products, due to its low reactivity with milk proteins.

Low-temperature soluble agars prevent denaturation of dairy proteins during the dissolution process, ensuring a stable and homogeneous texture. This has propelled their use in the production of dairy desserts and spreadable cheeses, where their presence has been shown to improve texture, reduce whey, and enhance the cutting qualities of cheeses.

QSOL and QSOL Soft agars offer innovative solutions for fermented cheeses and dairy products, enhancing both texture and product stability. Agar QSOL, with its ability to dissolve at 80°C, not only saves time and money but also preserves the organoleptic properties in heat-sensitive products. On the other hand, QSOL Soft agars, with quick dissolution and low gel forces, provide a creamy and smooth texture to the final product.

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