Advice or steps to perform an electrophoresis

Wed, 10/02/2021 - 10:34

A number of questions need to be asked before starting:

What do I want to separate using electrophoresis? As we know, electrophoresis is a separation technique, so knowing what you want to separate is essential.

What is the size of the molecules/fragments I want to separate? The size of the molecules/particles to be separated is decisive when choosing the appropriate agarose.

What do we want to do later with the molecules separated by electrophoresis?The purpose of electrophoresis may be only to visualize the separation of molecules/fragments or their retrieval for further manipulation.

What type of agarose should I use?The type of agarose to be used will be determined by several factors, including the nature and size of the molecule to be separated.

After determining what we want to separate, its size and which agarose to use, it is time to set the electrophoresisparameters:

  • Gel  concentration
  • Buffer to be used
  • Electrophoresis conditions such as time and voltage