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Hispanagar markets a complete line of peptones, extracts, infusions and other raw materials for use in culture media formulations. Peptones are hydrolyzed proteins derived from casein, meat and plants. Hispanagar products offer an effective source of nitrogen and carbon as well as other nutrients. When used in appropriate formulations, the product encourages and promotes the growth of microorganisms.

The main application for peptones and related is the production of culture media, i.e. dehydrated, liquid and solid media. These products are also used in production media for fermentation, tissue culture media and vaccine stabilizers. Other non-media applications include cosmetics, in electroplating and in special dietary products.

These products are derived from plant and animal proteins. Hispanagar provides all animal products documented with full traceability. The peptones offered are classified according to its origin:

• Plant / other: Soy peptone, Soy peptone GMO-free, Soy peptone GMO-free/animal free, Yeast extract
• Animal: Bacteriological peptone, Beef extract powder, Biotryptase peptone, Brain heart infusion (bovine), Brain heart infusion (porcine), Casein peptone type I (tryptone), Casein peptone type II, Casein peptone AS (high solubility), Gelatin peptone, Heart infusion (bovine), Heart infusion (porcine), Lactalbumin hydrolysate, Marine peptone, Meat Extract (porcine), Meat peptone (bovine), Meat peptone (porcine), Ox bile bacteriological, Peptonized milk, Polipeptone, Pork heart digest (PD Powder), Proteose peptone, Proteose peptone nº 3.


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