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Hispanagar was formed by the merger of seven manufacturers of foodgrade agar with a mission to lead with high technology developed entirely in Spain during the 1940s. Since then the company followed a policy of continuous improvement in applied technology, and through research, discovering new applications, as well as creating innovative products with greater added value. In the early 1970s Hispanagar developed the first production in Spain of carrageenans and initiated the production of bacteriological agar and purified agar. Later a systematic plan of research was undertaken to develop an industrial production process for agarose powder.

At the beginning of the 1990s studies were initiated that would lead to the preparation of agarose beads for applications in gel chromatography, affinity chromatography and biocatalysis support. In 2000 work on activation and derivatization of agarose beads was begun.

Hispanagar began distribution of its peptone products (basic ingredients for culture media formulations with and without agar) in the early 1980s and expanded its product range in 2000 to address BSE and GMO issues raised by its worldwide customers.

Through its Institute of Applied Research, Hispanagar has been training scientific personnel in recent years by collaborating on doctoral theses and university degree minor thesis, with the objective of increasing its research and development in the field of products derived from marine seaweeds for the 21st century commitment.

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