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FOOD ___________________________________________________________________

Hispanagar is one of the few companies in the world that produces the most commonly used hydrocolloid extracted from selected seaweeds: Agar-agar. This product has an important usage in many different prepared foodstuffs. The highest quality and innovative products that Hispanagar manufactures are the result of a profound knowledge of these hydrocolloids, careful selection and handling of seaweeds, operating under most efficient and controlled production processes.

The company processes different types of algae, obtaining a wide range of products for application in several industries. Agar is a natural hydrocolloid which has been used for centuries in cuisine, especially in Asia . It is an excellent gelling agent and thickener as well as a natural source of vegetable origin dietary fiber.

MICROBIOLOGY __________________________________________________________
A key element in Hispanagar's strategy is to specialize in its core activity of manufacturing seaweed derivatives with high added value. This approach has allowed the company to develop extensive experience as well as innovative products in the fields of both micro and molecular biology. As such, Hispanagar takes pride in being at the forefront of modern day biotechnology research and development in hydrocolloids.

Bacteriological ingredients: bacteriological agar is the gelling agent in the preparation of culture media for the growth and identification of microorganisms. Culture media plays an important role in clinical diagnosis and in quality control and food safety. Its applications also include "in vitro" plant tissue culture. Agar is ideal in these applications due to its stability, absence of growth inhibitors and consistent performance. Hispanagar also offers a wide range of peptones, extracts, infusions and other raw materials for the production of culture media, i.e. dehydrated, liquid and solid media.

MOLECULAR BIOLOGY ___________________________________________________
For several decades, Hispanagar has developed and manufactured a complete range of agaroses employed in molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry. Agarose forms an inert matrix which is principally used in nucleic acid and protein separations. Other very important applications, besides electrophoresis, are chromatography, gel affinity, ionic exchange, immunodiffusion, biocatalytic support and its use in solid culture media and growth of protein crystals.

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