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Agar-agar forms part of the family of hydrocolloids produced by Hispanagar as a food ingredient (E-406). Its origin is Asian and during the past centuries has been part of the traditional diets of large populations in the far East.

Agars extracted from the different seaweeds Gelidium, Gracilaria and Gelidiella have different characteristics. Gelidium and Gracilaria products are the most commonly used, and a range of products is available from Hispanagar. This variety of highest quality food agar ensures superior performance in any formulation. Hispanagar will advise on which particular extract will give the best performance in any given food product.

It is an excellent gelling thickener agent as well as a natural source of vegetable origin dietary fiber. The company offers a complete range of different agars that cover all food applications: Gold Agar, with low gelling temperature, is suitable for confectionery, glazing, dairy and meat products; Agarite has an excellent compability with high sugar products and a higher gel point, ideal in products that require more rapid gelling; Grand Agar possesses unique properties such as high transparency, high gel strength and a better solubility at lower temperatures.

The variety of food agar-agar that Hispanagar offers permits its use for any formulation. Important food applications are:
• Confectionery (water dessert jellies, sweets and candies, fruit jellies, candy fillings, jellies and jams)
• Pastry and bakery (icings and glazies for pastries, cakes and donuts)
• Dairy products ( yoghurts, milk desserts, fermented dairy products)
• Canned meat products (canned meat, meat in jelly)

The use of agar-agar in foods is based on its inherent properties:
• High gelling capacity
• Wide pH working range
• Resistance to heat treatment
• Large hysteresis (difference between melting and gelling points)
• No effect on flavours
• Reversible gels
• Gel stability


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