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The most important determining factor in obtaining the best quality hydrocolloid products is without doubt the selection and treatment of the natural raw materials. The process of collection and processing seaweeds is in fact very complex, and over its more than 50 years, Hispanagar has developed proprietary knowledge in the selection and sourcing of the most suitable seaweeds for each application of agar, its methods of collection and treatment.

The company selects and collects seaweeds from different places in the world (Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Morocco, Chile, Indonesia, Philippines, etc). It uses its own organization to collect its raw materials, following the strictest quality and management systems. The principal types of seaweeds used for production of Hispanagar hydrocolloids are Chondrus crispus, Eucheuma cottonii, Eucheuma spinosum, Gelidium, Gigartina, and Gracilaria.

The factory includes 6.000 square meters for storage of raw materials. These warehouses contain enough seaweed stock to guarantee supply to all clients even in times of shortage.

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